Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to Work...

I am yearning to communicate with the outside world. Outside of Image Studios, Engineering Outreach, my apartment and the one person I can always call on for a quick lunch or coffee date in the middle of the day (or night).

Outside the little bubble called Moscow, I want to find some strange interactions.

But that will come later. For now I have got to get back to entering names, emails, addresses and phone numbers of the recently graduated. Apparently the right side of WSU's 8am graduation didn't get entered this weekend...so it's behind schedule. I'm here to catch it up! And then onto the last half of Gonzaga's Grad Grads! (graduate students that graduated...hehe)
Fingers ready?
Ok Go!!

BTW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL DAY!! I wish I were outside enjoying it.