Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free-writing and then some!

This is one of the free-writes...and hopefully
the ones I do for her website will be of similar
format. Or handwritten and re-typed.
At the writing table, and that's my grandma's signature hat!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Why, hello July! Goodbye Moscow...(again)

IT IS NOT ALREADY JULY. Okay it is. at 12:14 am. No typecast tonight, because I haven't gotten a picture of my birthday/typewriter day cast taken, and also had a fast enough internet connection to upload the video. Next week!!

In other news, I am going to the Rainbow Gathering tomorrow! It hasn't been in the Northwest for quite a few years, since I was maybe 11 (and I didn't know what it was back then! haha) And my grandparents haven't been since 1989, though they used to go to quite a lot of them...

Anywho, I am very excited, and there are some cool Moscowites going in our two-car caravan, and it's going to be in what looks like a beautiful part of a forest in Western Washington, kind of near the Oregon's a 6 1/2 hour drive, so we're going to try leaving by 10...and I"m not packed yet! Eek!

I've been to the semi-local Santa Barter Fair almost every year since I was maybe 1 or 2 years old, but this is a completely different experience. About 20,000 people are going I think, almost as many people as live in Moscow, and probably more people than are here in the summertime! My goodness. I will hopefully have some pictures to share, and I reeeally hope I can get up the muscles to hike the little skyriter into camp, though it might be a long hike (for me) so we'll see. I may have some pen-casts instead for when I come back, in addition to the belated birthday/typewriter day update.

So I'm just postponing finishing (starting also) packing. I threw a 13-people dinner for my birthday party at my mom's house earlier tonight. The guests were: mom, birthmom, half-sister, birthdad, stepmom, dad's parents, my best friend & his boyfriend, my other best friend & his son, and a dear family friend who's pretty much my favorite uncle.

My dad put the salad together, Bobert (family friend) made guacamole for an appetizer, and I made grilled teriyaki-ish chicken, stir-fry vegetables, and rosemary-garlic pasta (from Seattle) with fresh basil. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS! If I had the cord to upload pictures I would show off a little. It took forever to get everyone sitting down, but the food was all ready at the same time! Well, within 10 minutes from each other, which is pretty amazing for me.

Gran made up some Five-Layer Dark Ganache Topped Maripan Dream Brownies and Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Sprinkles, and even gave me some aaaawesome gifts. The beginning of my own sewing kit in its own bag, two sets of silverware (that match! woa!) a book, and a little sketch kit. I love practical gifts! I never complain when I get socks for Christmas, or Hannukah. Hehe.

Okay enough. Enough. It was just a bit exciting, since I've never owned my own silverware or sewing kit, but I'm feeling a little over-attached to material things will be good to be out in the woods, with lots of people but not to many objects except writing utensils, cup, bowl, and warm clothes. My gran is lending me the pack she used to take to Gatherings!

Yep this went on a bit too long. I have thank-yous to write and objects to pack! Wish me luck. :) Hope everyone is having a good time out there in the world!