Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've recently started interning at a local (recently relocated to my town) publishing endeavor, A Word with You Press, and we just so happen to be running a writing contest I think people may be interested! Especially some of the writerly folks who may stumble on this from the Typosphere. (There's nothing in the guidelines that says it has to be typed, that I know of!) And come on, who doesn't need $500?

All entries are posted on the AWwYP blog, and there lies part of the benefit, the feedback from others in the growing writing community on our site! It's quite a bit of fun, and this contest is so open to interpretation, I hope some of you will enter!

It's only 750 - 1000 words!! That's practically nothing, considering many people are warming up for the 1667 word days of NaNoWriMo!

Here's hoping I will be more active on my blog too. Maybe update about the work/progress and writing some. With my business/blaw classes I didn't have enough time for my Adv Poetry class this semester :( so I've got to get writing on my own!

Wishing everyone well,

Satchmo(types) Louise
Intern in Charge of Charm and Allurement