Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Future Tense Memory

I am here, without you
and after all these years…
It makes more sense now.

This place has changed,
it’s historic charm lost in business
making opportunities but defeating
these streets’ true purpose.

The people smile less and want
more than they can afford.
Valued smiles and salutations
have been lost in the fog.

This old town reeks of new…
The unpleasant taste of fluorescent lights
and empty expressions.

Who knew I would come back
to this, and at this empty table watch the streets,
gnawed at by nostalgia.

This day minus 30 years was our beginning…
So now it will be the final,
last shot in the dark.
And I will remain one
incomplete part of that pair.

Knowing it was too inconvenient for you
to make it back to old memories.
You spent so many years forgetting
while I spent those years fighting
to remember every moment.

Now I wonder with the pasty newness
of my ancient beloved home
was the effort wasted...

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