Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And now, for our feature presentation...

*I wrote this note to myself just a bit ago at work, since I'd previously decided today would be the start-day for my project I mentioned in the last post. The prompts I'm going to use (at least to start out from) for writing everyday are going to be songs for the first 365 days. We'll see what happens after that...anyway. Here I go!*

Take the time to write.
It's a simple thing -- as easy as watching television but more interactive and much more stimulating. You will be pleased with the outcome.
Even if you've not got much to write about, putting pen to paper should be as essential as breathing. It will become so, and you will discover capabilities in the written word you never realized you had before. The blank pages in your notebooks and those sitting next to the typewriter will begin to fill, more and more rapidly, and you will find yourself surrounded in recorded thoughts, useless and usable, and the possibilities and stories will abound through your home and mind and surely, some drafts will emerge.
Drafts leading to submissions leading to publication. You know this process and the satisfaction of rejection and success will only serve to lead you further down this writing rabbit-hole, and so you condemn yourself happily to a life of joy and expression.
The expression of yourself and your ideas through the written word.
The joy of feeling capable to express anything and everything near to exactly as you wish.
This is the beginning.
Good luck.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The idea...

I've had this idea today. Something constant, to keep me on track. Or at least on time, with some singular objective.

Along with this idea I've got this feeling that there isn't a good way to describe what I want to do, because it may not seem important, or even make sense, to anyone else. That's too bad. I'm going to do it anyway.

First I've got to figure out some organization, an order in which to place my year. Oh yes, a year. That's the Second thing, how long I plan this out for. It's such a round, even division of time to encompass this adventure.

Third, I'll have to decide when to start, and it shouldn't be on anyone's birthday.

It will get me writing regularly though, which is the real goal here.

Yes. To write.

Preferably, to write every day.