Saturday, April 23, 2011

Typewriters and Typecasts...

Soon? I hope so.

I wish the computer that is attached to the scanner at this "Old Studio" wasn't so slow and frustrating. It's the only way I would ever be able to typecast! I photos are sort of an option, but I don't have a camera that's very good for close-up except my FM2...and I don't really want to have to wait to get my film developed just to post on a blog.
Also the cost of each frame on film is pretty high these days. Unfortunately! I love using film. 35mm and 120/220 are what I've had all my experience with, and love them both! Of course the 120/220 is much more expensive to get developed, but that camera has a built-in flash which actually does a pretty good job! It also has a wide angle lens so I can take pictures of more things at once! Haha. ah...

Anyway, lovely weather is here today! I just hope it can stay.

Especially since I am inside for most of the day, working on a report for a complicated decedent. Ahh tax season is almost completely behind us! Just a few loose ends, and I have to finish (finally) setting up mom's Quicken whatnots so we can keep her business (and personal) transactions all entered and IN ORDER throughout the year! Every other year I've had to sit down and enter the main bank account statements in an old mixed-up Quicken99 file from back when Dad was running things. It was HELL. (Excuse my language) Anyway, now the categories will make sense, the credit cards will be properly entered and reconciled with and even SHE can do the data entry. HOORAYYY! Also being able to look at profit/loss statements throughout the year would be awesome, if somewhat depressing until grads kickoff.


I am so nervous, and excited, and poor...what a perfect time for grad season to swoop in upon us and kill the month and three-quarters between the beginning of may and my birthday!

Hopefully I'll finally be caught up on rent by the end of June. Then I can re-sign the lease and not have to move in August!

Haha, J just gave me one of those Reese's peanut butter eggs, I'm glad he's in a pleasant mood. There's a lot of tough things going on in his sphere of the world lately. He's a good friend & semi business partner of my mom's who is also an Enrolled Agent. He's the reason I started learning how to do tax returns when I was 16! And the reason I discovered that I actually ENJOY DOING TAXES. Sometimes, anyway.

Allllright. I'd better get going. I really really promise soon there will be typewritten pages up here. There's a plan in the works with a fellow people-watching friend of mine to sit at this strangely placed stone table in front of a drive-thru coffee hut for a couple hours writing and watching in the's at a busy intersection next to campus on the "strip" in Moscow. We'll see how it goes!

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