Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goodbye computer-written posts. (mostly)

I am getting a new camera for my birthday! It's orange, which is only one of the faaaabulous things about it. I will be able to take pictures and almost instantly have them on my computer! Upload them! Without paying $$ to get them developed! Hello typecasting!

It's been a couple years since I've had my own digital camera, and I could hardly be more excited. Plus, it's coming early. Even though it's a birthday present and I would normally not get it til the 23rd, Mom wants me to be able to take pictures of all the excitement coming up, adventures and getting ready for the big two-one, and she ordered the camera early! Also it's being delivered right to my apartment. YAY!

We're in Kent, WA, after photographing the last graduation of the season! Central Washington Unversity's Westside Commencement. We ate at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. Sam and I split a Chocolate Raspberry Truffle slice.

We did the regular ceremony in Ellensburg yesterday, and the night before my sister brought a bag of clothes she's getting rid of for me to search through. I ended up taking about half the bag, including this awesome sweatshirt straight from the 80s. Bright colors in angular shapes...PLUS POCKETS!

Sam took the blue elf-like shirt with a funky long skinny hood. He's going to wear it for my birthday outing Thursday after next.

We are thinking of having a show, once I get my camera. Maybe I will post links to the videos here. I'm not sure what will happen during them, but it will probably be very silly, ridiculous, and possibly entertaining.

The air conditioner blows right on my feet at the hotel. I shouldn't have claimed the bed next to the window. Now we've all settled in it would be difficult to move...

I can't wait to be able to document the adventures I go on. I will probably be coming over to Seattle/Bellingham the next two weekends in a row! The best part of that is I hardly have to pay any for gas! Thank goodness for backpack-sized typewriters. I like having it with me, especially since I'll be able to TYPECAST with my NEW CAMERA after about Wednesday or Thursday this week. :)

Alright, I should go snack a tiny bit before we go into the city. (SEATTLE) Walkabouts and night pictures await!

We plan on getting me with my typewriter in the middle of a street downtown-ish later tonight, if it turns out I'll post it up here.

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  1. Yay! Public typewriting rules :D

    Can't wait to see your new typecast posts!