Saturday, June 25, 2011

Late...and promises of more to come!

This is a typecast from a few days ago...I will have one from my birthday (typewriter day!) with a video as well, but not until tomorrow when I can use internet again with more time. I'm going to a wedding in a little while!

The view from that bench in Queen Anne. Right above 99.

Delicious coffee & delicious typewriter :)


  1. Happy Typewriter Day/Birthday!

    You're making great use of that Skyriter with the blue ribbon, keep it up (:

  2. Just discovered your blog. Nice to see the Skyriter in use and that is a great shot of it!

  3. Thanks! It's still my favorite, even though I have a few more typewriters than I did a year ago. It will see many places and write many things in our life together! :D