Friday, October 19, 2012

SUPRISE! New typewriter soon!!

I love the interconnectedness of everything.

First of all, I know this woman who used to be the Image Studios office manager when my dad was still alive and boss of everything--she was also a staple at Christmas Eve dinner, and a lovely person to run into unexpectedly working in one of the engineering offices at the university when I was working there.

Well, her eldest daughter messages me on FB the other day...
"Hi there! I have an odd you still collect typewriters?"

I'm thinking, welllll maybe. Depends. And then I read on.

"While cleaning out my grandma's house we found an old typewriter in a black box/case...a Smith~Corona. I'm not sure what year it is or anything, but it looks to be in pretty good condition. I looked on ebay and similar ones seem to sell for about $30. Would you be interested in it at all? I thought of you when I found it so thought I'd check and see. If you want a picture I can send one when I get home from work. smile

Hope all is well with you my dear!"

So that sounds pretty cool. Could be a nice machine, but could be one I already have...but for $30? Sure I'll take a look! (that's what I was thinking, not what I actually said to her which was much more polite)

So she sends me this picture:

My response: (this is pretty accurate, I was looking at it at work with my friend/colleague Eve, who rolled her eyes profusely at the excitement)

Whaaaaaat!!!!!! OMG. WUT IZ DAT. I want it! Oh yeah!

I'm really excited. She said it was in pretty good condition, and as long as there's no mechanical malfunction I'm pretty good at cleaning, and have new ribbons if needed! AND nobody has to pay postage or risk the damage of mailing this beautiful machine (even though she is in Post Falls) because her lovely mother is going to bring it to Moscow sometime in the next few weeks! It'll definitely get some NaNo use if all goes well.


I'm ridiculously excited about this.

Life is wonderful. Even if it's cold, raining, and I have no raincoats and no umbrellas.

Why can't it be a couple/few weeks later already!?

Oh right...exams, homework, and other things have to get done too. I guess I need more than a millisecond between weeks. SIGH

Satchmo Weezel signing off.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey Typospherians! It's Hanx at those keys again...

Not sure if any of you had seen this yet...pretty neat though!
It seems some folks from Nerdist sent Tom Hanks a neat typewriter as a bribe an incentive for getting an interview.

And hey--it worked! Haven't had a chance to listen yet...but after school today I'm all over it.

Yes, but now time for Calculus. Mmm, series......

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Auto-Coffee is the best. Ever.

Blog posts don't have to be a big "thing." I know this, and yet my blog sits dormant most of the year, only experiencing brief and occasional bursts of This must be shared somehow--I know! The blog! What I would really like to do is get used to posting, oh I don't know, maybe not every day, but more often.

I have everything I need: a computer, and internet at my apartment. (FINALLY, well since August) So it shouldn't be so hard! And when I get my camera back I can even typecast some of my posts!

I also have a great (free) computer desk chair my grandparents gave me recently (last night) which is definitely a game-changer. I can sit comfortably and high enough to use the keyboard on it's little slide-out thing, then raise the chair up for using typewriters on the desk's surface! THE AMAZING RAISING CHAIR! I haven't had one for a few years so it's maybe more exciting than is necessary or natural.

That's okay. That's just how I roll.

Here is something fairly adorable:

An old picture of me and my (sniffle) late best-friend Samuel Rex-Manuel the Kitty. That was a few weeks before I shaved my hair off, so it was taken over two years ago. Someday I'll take a picture of my current hair and we'll go from there.