Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Auto-Coffee is the best. Ever.

Blog posts don't have to be a big "thing." I know this, and yet my blog sits dormant most of the year, only experiencing brief and occasional bursts of This must be shared somehow--I know! The blog! What I would really like to do is get used to posting, oh I don't know, maybe not every day, but more often.

I have everything I need: a computer, and internet at my apartment. (FINALLY, well since August) So it shouldn't be so hard! And when I get my camera back I can even typecast some of my posts!

I also have a great (free) computer desk chair my grandparents gave me recently (last night) which is definitely a game-changer. I can sit comfortably and high enough to use the keyboard on it's little slide-out thing, then raise the chair up for using typewriters on the desk's surface! THE AMAZING RAISING CHAIR! I haven't had one for a few years so it's maybe more exciting than is necessary or natural.

That's okay. That's just how I roll.

Here is something fairly adorable:

An old picture of me and my (sniffle) late best-friend Samuel Rex-Manuel the Kitty. That was a few weeks before I shaved my hair off, so it was taken over two years ago. Someday I'll take a picture of my current hair and we'll go from there.

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