Wednesday, September 5, 2012

For AFTW...thank you, thank you, thank you.

This album (Away From The World) is changing my life right now...partially because I can't tear myself away from these songs to focus on reading assignments for poetry class tomorrow! ARG! But YAY! 

It's streaming for free on iTunes until the 10th. Released on the 11th. I should have it 2-4 days after that!!! I sprung for the super-deluxe edition...because when it comes to DMB I can't help myself, really.

For instance, an excerpt from my particular favorite (and having only heard the entire album once all the way through...well I've heard this song five times! haha) The Riff:
Sitting in a box away from the world out there
a world piled high with boxes just like this
but please don't ever leave me alone in here
take me out, shake off the dust, shake off the fear.
Remember how we used to dance, baby
just like it was everything?
(crazy great guitar riff and accompanying wonderful instruments, esp. drums)You stay with me
and that don't mean we have to stay the same
you stay with me
baby, you and me can make the change
you stay with me 
but that don't mean I wanna stay the same.
And then of course there's If Only:
Well maybe it's a game
You win some and you lose some
But when you've found a good one
Don't you let her get away
Don't let her go

Oh yeah
If only I could have you
Just the way I want you
Oh, to have you back again
Back again baby

Oh, I'm just a fool baby
Playing Mr. Cool baby
Rolling round like I got nothing much to lose
But I know you and you know me
And I know you can see
So help me find my way back to you
Back to you

Those two songs...those two songs make me ache and groove and hope and reminisce and smile and want to cry all at the same time.

I guess you could say I'm a fan.


BTW I have a new apartment! And INTERNET AT HOME! IT'S A MIRACLE! So maybe after I spend some time uploading much-delayed photos to my FB friends and family I will wrangle a typecast out of my school/work/etc schedule.

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