Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Peer Pressure

Another assignment--the last one actually--from my intermediate poetry class. It's a sestina so there's a pattern of repeating end-words. And POOF. I'm mostly posting this because my friend Eve was there while I was working on it and wanted to see the "finished" product. Don't read into it too heavily! Haha.

When entering my veins it sets me free
from worry and embarrassment, save
the kind that follows alcohol. Only
those never bother me, and my friends
need reminding now and then. Alcohol
will be your greatest friend till dawn--

No, I'll keep the parting going, even dawn
can’t stop me when I'm rolling free
of inhibitions thanks to my pal, Alcohol.
Although the bar is not the place to save
your money, if you’re cunning you can ask a friend
to buy a drink or two. Tell them only

one if it helps. Or find a stranger, only
for a few if needed. Don’t forget to ditch at dawn
unless you want to end up “more than friends.”
For now, stick around and drink for free.
With the right plan for the night you’ll save
your cash. Reserve it for more alcohol.

I think of my first taste of alcohol--
I was just thirteen, but it was only
for the Seder. I learned to save
my appetite. That day starts not at dawn
but sundown. Those stories show us how to free
each other, remind us not to leave any friend

behind. I still won’t forsake a friend
even when we’re in the throes of alcohol.
Who would’ve thought a liquid could free
you from concern and constraints, though only
temporarily? At least before dawn
arrives and contrives to save

you from yourself. I'm trying to save
everyone now. Acquaintance or friend
I'll stay or walk away at dawn
as needed. Especially when I and alcohol
socialize--we want to save the world. Only
it’s too far gone. It already thinks it’s free.

In this strange yet familiar dawn, sobriety arises to save
us, always, from being free. I say my goodbyes to friends
and my farewell, for now, to alcohol. The morning-after full of if only.

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