Saturday, July 14, 2018

It Is Time to Shout into the Void

Time to dust off the ol' blog...

Annnd it is a time for writing. But it has been for a while. While the pen-and-paper method is satisfying texturally and textually it lacks a certain flexibility and communicability.

The void calls.

The words need to be shared.

The heart is sore - it has been put through the wringer lately, beaten on by a confusing mind and also filled-to-bursting with positive sensations. It aches, some of it hurts but some in a good way. The soft ache of muscles used productively in ways they haven't been used for a while, or ever.

I don't know how to say what I want to say. Not saying anything has lead to some physical symptoms I'm uncomfortable with. Literally. I haven't been physically comfortable for a few weeks now.

So it's time to express. Self-expression being my main hobby, I have found many other outlets for it in recent times. Not to avoid writing, but it's having that effect.

There's a spotlight on me, shining light on feelings and secrets I thought I was keeping to myself but that are being Seen...I feel exposed. I feel relieved. I feel sane. I feel grounded. I feel like I am floating away on a breeze full of warm thoughts. I feel like I've never been in love before. Or, maybe more accurately, that I've never let all of me be loved before. And I will be working on keeping less of myself all to myself.

For now that will be enough. And there is so much more to come.


  1. Sounds like you are experiencing something big. Welcome back, and express away!

    1. This seems to be the Year of Experiencing Big Things :D Not to mention the other years between now and the last time I wrote on this blog...5 years ago?? Haha. So very many things happening!