Saturday, January 3, 2009

"There's no one quite like you, friend"

Here I am, sitting
just like you were here beside me
joking, laughing,
only tears remind me you're not here
Gone, you are from me
leaving, laughing
can you understand what this does
or am I truly alone in it
Was I always deluded
Were you always just for pretend?
I can't say I'm sorry
Nothing done, nothing left
but when you can forgive what's never been
repaired our lives
Move on despite the lost
no thoughts on it we move
reality, pretending
The blend causes discomfort
can't you see
you were just
less than I could ever believe.
Refuse to believe in what
you only saw in yourself
but I was always there
And here I am
Wasn't it only you?

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