Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hey, you there, with the eyes...

You with the green-blue ocean eyes and dark curls peeking out of your baseball cap.
I'm feeling sappy today, and you're the subject of my thoughts for a moment.
The first time we met our words worked over and through each other for the evening,
I will never forget the way you tell stories with your eyes wide open,
and how much you love your dogs, and how you had to leave them home when you came here.

You with the pure brown eyes and coarse black hair:
I still want to go to Maine with you. Maybe my feelings for you are stuck deeper in my heart than is necessary,
or appropriate, but I still want to adventure with you, and regularly do in my dreams.
We went sailing and caught some fish with no small effort.
We cooked over a fire on the beach, ate mushrooms and laughed the stars into being.

You with the sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes grey eyes,
I am sometimes not as honest with you as I should be.
Sometimes you get on my nerves, but you are the one who's always with me.
I want to be alone more often than I am comfortable admitting, and I know
part of that feeling is because I'm scared.
I love you too, but we both know the end will be different for us. I want you to feel loved by more than me,
You need things I don't think I will ever be able to give,
and you will find them, hopefully soon. Never forget you are amazing.

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