Thursday, January 26, 2012

USB Typewriter? For REAL? Yes Please!

Anyone want to give me 74 dollars? I could really use this DIY USB Typewriter Kit. Okay, to be honest, I am not capable of putting that together myself, but with $700-$900 I could have one of these!

When my roommate posted this on my wall, I thought it was a joke. But seriously? I could write on a typewriter and not have to re-type my writing to edit papers for school? FANTASTIC!

In other news, I have been blog-absent for a long few months. Being busy with school, family, holidays, and re-starting classes a couple weeks ago has been good and crazy. I got straight A's last semester. I haven't done that since 5th grade!

I still don't have internet at my apartment.

My room is so much like a Picasso painting that I haven't dug my typewriters out for a couple months, despite finding an Olympia SM9 at the Storm Cellar and being ecstatic for a few days. I wrote a few letters and then lost them.

Real updates coming in a couple weeks (I would say a few days, but let's be real here), and letters hopefully going into the mail sooner that that.

First I have to finish writing the key events of "My Life Journey" in 750 words before class. The main problem is keeping it down to 750 words.


p.s. My roommate also posted these stickers on my wall. Seriously considering them! I'd have to get the "p" key on my (new) laptop fixed first though.

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  1. I am tempted by the USB Typewriter too, but (a) like you, don't have the skill for the DIY job, (b) am a bit hesitant to make a typewriter a slave to a computer. I wish you could write directly onto a discreet flash drive instead of having to hook up to a computer.

    Cute stickers!

    Congrats on your 4.0.